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Characterized Industries
    · Russian Guests: Nankang Furniture Amazing    2015-May-29 16:20:43
    · China (Ganzhou) Second Furniture Industry Expo Opens    2015-May-28 15:10:02
    · Overwintering Navel Oranges of Anyuan County Enjoy Brisk Sales    2015-Apr-7 16:02:53
    · Gannan Navel Orange and Agriculture Sideline Production Trading Center Settled in Anyuan    2015-Mar-24 15:57:10
    · 2014 Gannan Navel Orange Online Expo Unveiled    2014-Nov-19 11:25:20

    · Gannan Navel Orange Output Expected to be 1.2m ton This Year    2014-Nov-18 11:05:15
    · Gannan Navel Orange Online Expo to Open on Nov. 18    2014-Nov-13 10:39:10
    · Gannan Navel Orange Ripe    2014-Nov-3 11:17:26
    · Brand Protection to Gannan Navel Orange Starts    2014-Sep-18 15:59:14
    · Gannan Navel Orange Brand Value Rises to RMB 4.881 billion    2014-Aug-26 17:01:20

    · Export Volume of Gannan Navel Orange Hits New Peak    2014-Apr-10 11:21:18
    · Late-maturing Navel Orange Sold Well at Home and Abroad    2014-Mar-28 11:12:39
    · Export of Gannan Navel Orange Surges    2014-Jan-10 10:28:15
    · A Navel Orange Planting Zone Honored National Outstanding    2013-Dec-27 11:04:17
    · Russian Merchants Attracted to Anyuan Navel Orange Base    2013-Dec-26 15:39:14

    · Ningdu County Vigorously Develops Deep Processing Industry of Agro-products    2013-Dec-19 11:29:21
    · Navel Orange Network Fair Gives Selling a Big Boost    2013-Dec-17 16:12:39
    · Russian Fruit Importers Inspect Gannan Navel Orange    2013-Dec-12 10:51:24
    · Russian Merchants Make a Survey on Gannan Navel Orange Production and Processing    2013-Dec-5 17:36:31
    · Good Harvest for Gannan Navel Orange    2013-Nov-29 11:13:25

    · New Orange Processing Line Enrolled    2013-Nov-28 11:35:40
    · Good Sale on First Day of Online Festival    2013-Nov-27 16:29:17
    · Quality Tracing Available for Gannan Navel Orange    2013-Nov-26 11:06:31
    · Navel Orange Market Expanded    2013-Nov-25 11:31:38
    · Plenty of Navel Oranges on Market    2013-Nov-22 15:42:18

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