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    · Orders Valued over 30m Yuan Signed for Shangyou Oil Painting    2015-Jun-5 11:06:52
    · Competitive Projects Put into Operation    2014-Apr-17 11:32:46
    · Ganzhou: Project Enrollment Sees Steady Growth in Q1    2014-Apr-16 15:18:30
    · Nearly 1000 Firms Set up in March in Ganzhou    2014-Apr-1 17:25:24
    · Ganzhou Reaches a Substantial Level in Attracting Taiwanese Investments    2014-Mar-25 11:28:55

    · Growth Rate of Ganzhou's Investment Contract Funds Tops Jiangxi    2014-Mar-17 11:36:17
    · Ganzhou's Imports and Exports Rise 10.6% in Jan.    2014-Feb-20 09:50:13
    · Over 1000 Industrial Enterprises Above Designated Scale in Ganzhou    2014-Feb-17 11:23:35
    · Nanchang-Shenzhen High-speed Rail to Open before 2020    2014-Jan-20 15:48:22
    · Export Tax Refund and Exemption Hit 1.433b Yuan    2014-Jan-7 10:25:54

    · Ganzhou Signs Contract for Four Projects Proposals for Investment in Shenzhen    2013-Dec-20 20:43:54
    · Huisen Furniture Becomes Largest Supplier of Wal-Mart in Jiangxi    2013-Dec-16 16:12:12
    · Cooperation between Central Enterprises and Ganzhou for Revitalizing and Development    2013-Nov-7 16:09:59
    · Investment and Cooperation Negotiation Conference for "Central Enterprises Introduced into Jiangxi" Held in Ganzhou    2013-Nov-6 16:37:44
    · Participants Check in at Ganzhou Jinjiang International Hotel    2013-Nov-5 11:25:09

    · Investment and Cooperation Negotiation Conference for "Central Enterprises Introduced into Jiangxi“ to Be Held in Ganzhou    2013-Nov-4 16:12:05
    · Olivee Settled down in Gan County    2013-Oct-18 11:23:23
    · Imports and Exports Hit USD 2.451b in First 3 Quarters    2013-Oct-17 15:30:23
    · Projects with Investments of 85.77b yuan Signed    2013-Sep-25 15:18:58
    · Export of Rice Noodle Soars    2013-Sep-10 15:10:47

    · Ganzhou's 25 Major Projects Expect 12.3b Yuan Social Funds    2013-Aug-29 11:43:49
    · Added Value of Industry Above Designated Scale Surges    2013-Aug-23 16:00:16
    · Export of Roasted Eel Keeps Surging in First 7 Months    2013-Aug-20 16:02:09
    · Fruitful Results in H1 Investment Invitation    2013-Aug-19 15:38:55
    · Umbrellas Sold Well Abroad    2013-Aug-19 15:38:18

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