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    · Ganzhou Signs Sister Cities Intention Agreement with Markham of Canada    2013-Oct-10 10:47:09
    · Four Huichang Items Included in Fourth List of Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage    2013-Sep-30 11:30:55
    · Longnan Honored Hometown of Fort House    2013-Sep-12 11:21:31
    · Six Ganzhou Villages Included in Second List of Traditional Chinese Villages    2013-Sep-5 15:10:52
    · Enjoy Sight of Carp Lamp    2013-Sep-4 17:36:56

    · A Glimpse to the Jiangxi-Taiwan Grand Event (Ⅰ)    2013-Aug-16 15:15:14
    · Taiwan Hakka Clan Relatives Worship Ancestor in Ganzhou    2013-Aug-15 11:31:40
    · A Glimpse to the Grand Event    2013-Aug-15 11:23:03
    · Jiangxi-Taiwan Grand Meeting Unveiled    2013-Aug-14 11:26:25
    · Gala Held to Celebrate Grand Meeting    2013-Aug-13 11:33:48

    · Qiang Wei, Lu Xinshe Meet with Wu Boxiong, Rao Yingqi    2013-Aug-13 11:29:10
    · Get Ready for Grand Meeting    2013-Aug-12 11:14:50
    · First Dress Rehearsal of Cross-Strait Hakka Love    2013-Aug-9 11:34:18
    · 80 Overseas Hakka Descendants Gather Together in Ganzhou    2013-Aug-6 15:42:26
    · Cross-Strait Hakka Forum and Jiangxi-Taiwan Economic & Trade Conference to Be Held in Ganzhou    2013-Jul-31 16:27:41

    · Pass on Donghe Opera    2013-Jul-26 10:54:53
    · Hakka Round House Cultural Museum Attracts Visitors    2013-Jul-12 15:25:43
    · Little Photographer    2013-Jul-11 15:23:32
    · Exhibition of Works by Young Painters of Gannan Normal University    2013-Jul-10 15:36:45
    · First Joint Rehearsal of "Forever Affection for Red Land"    2013-Jun-25 11:08:15

    · Ganzhou Owns 663 Intangible Cultural Heritage Items at All Levels    2013-Jun-14 15:31:13
    · To Pass down Xi Lion Dance from Generation to Generation    2013-Jun-13 15:24:22
    · Ganzhou Holds Events to Commemorate "Cultural Heritage Day"    2013-Jun-9 15:23:46
    · Traditional Rural Opera Culture Has Large Market    2013-Jun-3 10:25:39
    · In Ganzhou, We Taste Strong Hakka Flavor!    2013-May-20 11:32:25

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