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    · Hakka Villagers' Traditional Craft-Beating Huangyuan Rice Cakes    2009-Jan-24 10:41:00
    · The Hakka Culture Digital Construction Project of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology approved by Ministry of Education    2009-Jan-19 11:09:00
    · An earthen building of Qing Dynasty discovered in Yudu    2009-Jan-6 11:13:00
    · Hakkas' humanistic spirit and representative persons    2009-Jan-3 00:47:00
    · The features and traditions of Gannan Hakka culture    2009-Jan-3 00:43:00

    · The formation and development of Gannan Hakka community    2009-Jan-3 00:40:00
    · Ganzhou:Cradle of Hakka    2009-Jan-2 00:15:00
    · The features and traditions of Gannan Hakka culture    2008-Dec-29 23:43:00

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