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    · Hakka Bridge under Construction    2015-Apr-17 11:25:19
    · Foreign Tourists Visit Guanxi Village    2015-Mar-10 15:22:24
    · Let Dragon Lantern Dance Passed Down from Generation to Generation    2015-Mar-9 11:29:52
    · Burn Dragon Boat to Pray for Peace and Happiness    2015-Mar-9 11:18:33
    · Crew of Geography of China Visit Cuiwei Peak    2015-Feb-12 11:28:45

    · Bamboo Pole Fiery Dragon Festival Held in Ningdu County    2014-Sep-9 11:42:24
    · Rapid Writings of Bailu Village    2014-Aug-27 15:17:31
    · The First Dongjiangyuan Food Festival Opened in Anyuan County    2014-Aug-4 16:29:02
    · Celebrate Completion of New Tourist Attraction in Cherry Blossom Park    2014-Jul-8 16:06:14
    · Xijieba in Anyuan County: a Fascination for Tourists    2014-Jun-10 16:21:37

    · People Greet Upcoming Dragon Boat Festival    2014-May-30 09:00:38
    · Chongyi County Attracts Attention in A Bite of China    2014-May-6 16:20:10
    · Millions of People Honor Revolutionary Martyrs in Ganzhou    2014-Apr-1 10:41:13
    · Hakka Food Growing in Popularity    2014-Mar-25 11:27:50
    · Donglong a Famous Historic and Cultural Village    2014-Mar-18 16:41:30

    · Sanliao of Xingguo: A Geomancy Culture Village    2014-Mar-12 11:45:53
    · Ancient Charms of Kuotou Street    2014-Feb-27 16:58:46
    · First Full Dress Rehearsal of "Forever Ballad" Held in Ganzhou Youth Center    2014-Feb-25 11:48:39
    · Folk Sacrificial Rites Performed    2014-Feb-19 09:49:10
    · Traditional Hakka Snacks on the Show    2014-Feb-18 11:55:08

    · Celebrate the Coming Spring Festival    2014-Jan-29 16:35:53
    · Prepare a Folk Show for Spring Festival    2014-Jan-28 10:51:20
    · Make Brown Sugar in Traditional Way    2014-Jan-14 16:41:14
    · Gannan Tea-picking Opera Theater Honored as National Key    2013-Dec-24 10:08:32
    · Two National Products of Geographical Indication Newly Added in Ganzhou    2013-Dec-18 16:50:11

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